Care Confirmed is a unique service that offers you or your loved ones the ability to enjoy the comfort and security of live video calls when you subscribe to our Select Plans. Through face to face interaction our care agents are able to form a professional but personalized connection with our clients. This allows our clients the comfort of knowing, that for any of the services we provide, they will be interacting in real time with approachable, professional care agents.

Those who choose to subscribe to our Phone Plan will receive the same quality service and experience the same professional personalized connection with our care agents. Our Optional-Add-ons are also available for those who choose the Phone Plan.

We would like to explain the services that are available through Care Confirmed:

Check-in Calls - these are regularly scheduled calls which are conducted by our fully-trained professional care agents according to your schedule. Friendly, compassionate care agents conduct 5 - 10 minute Check-in Calls to you or your loved ones to monitor their wellbeing. (Our care agents are non-medically trained, therefore, they are not qualified to answer nor will they answer any medical questions or prescribe any form of medication.)
For the security of our clients, our care agents will not ask for or about any financial information such as bank account numbers or passwords. Our Check-in Calls are designed to monitor the wellbeing of our clients, allowing them to remain feeling secure and independent in their own home.
Our Check-in Call service provides consistent care with the personal touch you or your loved ones deserve and we even provide updates to your sponsor(s) to let them know of your wellbeing! If additional Check-in Calls are preferred, please speak to one of our care agents and they will assist with adding them to your plan

Sponsor Notification - this is a standard feature for all our plans. Our agents provide an email notification to your sponsors (this could be children, neighbours or close friends) to update them on you or your loved one's wellbeing after each Check-in Call.
Each client may have up to four sponsors, and sponsors have the option to reply to these notifications in order to ask a question, supply a confirmation or to give direction.

Home Service Calls - this is a very unique, optional service which has been designed to assist you or your loved ones with arranging any service you or your home may require. By choosing this service a client is able to call our care agents to assist with locating the right contractor(s) or home service required.
Requests for Home Services could include but are not limited to: plumber, electrician, roofer, lawn care, landscaping, carpet/furniture cleaner, piano tuner, painters, handy man, locksmith, pest control, hairdresser, aesthetician, personal shopper, and more.
Choosing our Select plan means a service arrangement is a simple touch of the "Get Services" button on the iPad.

Fraud Prevention Service - this optional service has been designed to assist you or your loved ones in avoiding various frauds that target seniors and seniors living in their own homes.
This service provides peace of mind to our clients should they suspect fraud, either through door to door solicitation, by phone or by email. Our clients can seek assistance from our care agents before any commitments or agreements are made.
We will investigate the company and the claim being made to determine whether it is coming from a legitimate source. We aim to help our clients avoid these uncertain situations by providing them with reliable and trustworthy information before unknowingly putting themselves at risk. Our care agents can also provide you or your loved ones with helpful tips for protection against fraud, as well as information on where to go to report a scam.
Another benefit of choosing our live video Select plan means you or your loved ones have the ability by way of live video to show us any evidence of the fraud that is suspected in real time

Call Assist - this optional service allows you or your loved ones to communicate with service providers over the phone with the assistance of our care agents.
We can help you to upgrade/downgrade a service plan, investigate a discrepancy on one of your monthly bills, inquire about how to return an item, and more. We are available to help you or your loved one feel more secure in any situation by having one of our care agents assist them.
Our Select plan allows you or your loved ones, to explain to our care agent by live video what assistance is required for a three-way call. A simple touch of the "Call Agent" button on the iPad will automatically connect you or your loved ones to one of our care agents.

Any optional service is only $14.99 per incident.